Sturhahn Nachhaltigkeits Index

  • Valor 45283315
  • ISIN CH0452833152
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Official Notice

Adjustment of the Index Guide

Index: Sturhahn Nachhaltigkeits Index
ISIN: CH0452833152

The Index Guide has been adjusted on 01 January 2022 as follows:

- A new Index Sponsor was appointed at the request of the index sponsor (old) (index sponsor old: Pruschke & Kalm GmbH, Heerstrasse 2, 14052 Berlin, Germany; index sponsor new: Add-on Advisory GmbH, Alfredstrasse 104, 72250 Freudenstadt, Germany)

The above mentioned change takes effect on 01. January 2022.

Date: 08.02.2022
Bank: Bank Vontobel AG
Person: Team Issuance CH-APAC
Phone: +41 58 283 78 75
Corporate action08/02/2022Adjustment of the Index Guide